• Nearly 50% of students fail Organic Chemistry (according to a study conducted at a California State University)
  • According to past students, lack of confidence or fear was a main reason they attended our workshop
  • Students who take our workshop improve 200% (according to a pre and post workshop assessment)
  • After completing the workshop, our students have the confidence and basis to successfully complete Organic Chemistry



  • To give students the confidence that they have the ability succeed in Organic Chemistry
  • Provide students with the basics so they can start their semester in Organic Chemistry off strongly
  • Teach them how to apply chemical information that they already know to new situations
  • Demonstrate that memorization is not the most effective method for problem solving

Course offerings and how to enroll:

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Online course fee: $350, an interactive workshop that is 12 hours a week for 2 weeks and includes a course packet, as well as a PenPad for online interaction (a necessity to participate).

In-class course  an interactive workshop that is 10 hours a week for 2 weeks and includes a course packet. (These courses are limited)